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Community Engagement

Ensuring we engage effectively with the LGBTIQ community is critical to our work. The purpose of these community engagement activities is to connect with LGBTIQ people, their families and friends.

By doing so we aim to:

  • provide effective opportunities to engage with the work of the Inquiry and provide information; and
  • increase awareness of the Inquiry to potentially provide a greater sense of closure for the community when we have completed our work

Principles and goals

Our community engagement:

  • is trauma informed and recognises that members of the LGBTIQ community may be retraumatised as a result of reliving experiences relating to the work of the Inquiry
  • builds avenues of trust between the Inquiry and the community so that those with relevant information are more comfortable sharing that information with the Inquiry
  • methods are inclusive and recognise the particularly needs of different members of the LGBTIQ community, such as older LGBTIQ people
  • activities are mutually respectful, open and honest, and where possible supported by peer-to-peer engagement
  • is ongoing while the Inquiry is completing its work and includes appropriate engagement at the conclusion of the Inquiry.

Effective community engagement requires a nuanced, trauma-informed approach that includes regular contact through different stages of the work of the Inquiry. It may also include specific contact to let community members know when and what hearings will be taking place.

If your organisation would like to be involved, please contact us.

Independent community engagement project 

As part of our approach to community engagement, we sought to listen to all members of the LGBTIQA+ community who wished to contribute to the Inquiry.  We have engaged with different parts of the community in a variety of ways and adopted tailored approaches when needed. 

Through our community engagement work, it became clear that the Trans and Gender Diverse Community (TGD) has too often been ignored, particularly in the context of the violence and hate crimes that have taken place in the past. 

In recognition of this issue, the Inquiry funded an independent community engagement project focused on hearing about the experiences of the TGD community. The project was delivered through peer-based engagement which included workshops and individual engagement. The result of this project is an independent report the reflects the views and experiences of the research team and community members who contributed. The report does not constitute or pre-empt any findings or views that the Inquiry may form.

The Inquiry pays its respects to the TGD community, to all Trans and Gender Diverse people who have experienced hate and violence, and in particular to those who have lost their lives as a result of hate-based violence. The Inquiry also thanks both the research team and community members who spoke about their experiences for this important contribution to the broader discussion about violence and hate perpetrated against the TGD community.