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Hearing schedule

Opening Hearing: 2 November 2022

Outlines the scope of the Inquiry under the terms of reference, highlights the work done so far and explains the next steps for the Inquiry in progressing its work.

Public Hearing 1: 21 – 25 November 2022

Examines the social and cultural context in which suspected LGBTIQ hate crime deaths occurred between 1970 and 2010.

Public Hearing 2: commencing 5 December 2022

Directs to various aspects of Strike Force Parrabell, as well as the ways in which the NSW Police have approached the issues relating to “bias crime”, or “hate crime”, over the years from 1970 to the present.

Public Hearing 3: 7 – 8 February 2023

Cases presented: John Hughes, Graham Paynter, Russell Payne, William Dutfield, David Lloyd-Williams, Andrew Currie and Brian Walker.

Public Hearing 4: 29 – 30 March 2023

Cases presented: Gerald Cuthbert, Samantha Raye, Carl Stockton and Mark Stewart.

Public Hearing 5: 4 April 2023

Case presented: Peter Sheil.

Public Hearing 6: 18 - 19 May 2023

Cases presented: William Rooney, Simon Blair Wark, Richard Slater and Paul Rath.

Public Hearing 7: 24 May 2023

Case presented: Walter John Bedser.

Public Hearing 8: 2 and 9 June 2023

Cases presented: Samantha Rose and Wendy Waine.

Public Hearing 9: 16 and 20 June 2023

Case presented: Scott Miller.

Public Hearing 10: 22 and 23 June 2023

Cases presented: Kenneth Brennan and James Meek.

Public Hearing 11: 26 and 27 June 2023

Cases presented: Anthony Cawsey, Barry Jones and Peter Baumann.

Public Hearing 12: 28 and 29 June 2023

The Bondi cases of John Russell, Ross Warren and Gilles Mattaini.

Public Hearing 13: 4 - 6 July 2023

The investigative practices of the NSW Police Force between 1970 and 2010, and any changes to these practices and procedures that that have occurred since that time.

Public Hearing 14: 7 July 2023

Case presented: Robert Malcolm.

Public Hearing 15: 13 July 2023

Oral evidence from General Counsel of the NSWPF, Natalie Marsic, regarding the late production of records.

Public Hearing 16: 22 and 24 August 2023

Cases presented: Crispin Dye and William Allen.

Public Hearing 2: recommencing 21 September 2023

The Inquiry will hear from senior NSW Police officers involved in Strike Forces Parrabell, Neiwand and Macnamir.

Directions Hearing: 4 October 2023

The Inquiry will hold a directions hearing in relation to a number of communications made by officers of the NSWPF’s Unsolved Homicide Team (UHT) to families or next of kin of certain deceased persons regarding delays in progressing their matters.

Public Hearing 17: 10 October 2023

Case presented: Ernest Head.

Closing Hearing: 14 November 2023

At the final public sitting of the Inquiry, Senior Counsel Assisting Peter Gray will deliver a closing address to the Commissioner.