Directions Hearing: 4 October 2023

At 10am on Wednesday 4 October 2023, a directions hearing will take place in relation to communications between the NSWPF’s Unsolved Homicide Team (UHT) and families or next of kin of deceased persons.

It’s been confirmed that in at least four instances, an officer of the UHT, in communicating with a relative or next of kin of a deceased person, has identified the UHT’s need to respond to this Inquiry’s requests as something impacting the UHT and affecting the time frame in which the UHT is attending to their family’s case.

The Honourable Justice John Sackar will preside at the hearing. Counsel Assisting the Inquiry will be James Emmett SC and Rebecca McEwen.

The proceedings are open to the public and will also be livestreamed via the Inquiry’s website.